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  • Year 12 students mentor Year 11 peers on transition to sixth form

    2 Feb 2017

    At St. Christopher’s College, Accrington, work has begun on an exciting new peer mentoring scheme as part of Villiers Park INVOLVE and the East Lancashire Scholars Programme; a partnership between Villiers Park Educational Trust and Lancaster University. The mentoring scheme, which builds on the success of a similar scheme run in Villiers Park’s Swindon Scholars Programme […]

  • Scholars create fun-filled Maths revision website

    1 Feb 2017

    2020 STEM Scholars from The Voyager Academy have enjoyed working on their first Villiers Park INVOLVE challenge this year. Having decided that they wanted to create an online Maths resource, Scholars Adam, Swaira and Aphden started to think about their target audience and how best to engage them. The result of their hard work is […]

  • Scholar Alumnus – Alex Bouteiller

    28 Nov 2016

    "I believe a lot of my interview confidence and skills on my CV come from being a Scholar and having Career Mentors.”

  • Scholar – George

    16 Nov 2016 | Scholar

    “Studying at a top university gives students the opportunity to fulfil their potential and become leaders in their chosen fields. Villiers Park helps to bridge the gap for students who want to study at university by enhancing vital skills, supporting them with their application and much more. This ensures that capable students are given the best opportunity for a successful future.”

  • Inspiring Excellence Programme Alumna and Shaping Your Future Mentee – Ana Ture

    3 Oct 2016 | Alumni

    "By speaking to a Career Mentor, it solidified my decision of what I wanted to be in life. Having a mentor gave me first-hand advice, contacts and experience speaking to professionals within the television and film industry. It is honestly the most useful thing I have done for my future.”

  • Scholar Alumnus – Hans Dias

    30 Sep 2016 | Alumni

    “I didn’t really understand what it meant to reach my full potential, and now, having graduated, it’s easy to see how fortunate I am with regards to the wide range of prospects I have in front of me.”

  • Scholar Alumnus – Ismail

    7 Sep 2016 | Alumni

    “The Scholars Programme has a lot to offer, it carves paths for its students and is a personal, tailor made programme. It opened up a new side of me, especially in terms of public speaking which I did not have the opportunity to engage in in school. In short, the Scholars Programme has had a ‘game-changing’ effect on how I have evolved as a student."

  • Scholar Alumnus – Tyler

    31 Aug 2016 | Alumni

    "So many people have to deal with the stress and pressure of secondary education alone and don't have that push to send them in the right direction. I was lucky enough to get that push from Villiers Park."

  • Scholar Alumnus – Russell

    18 Aug 2016 | Alumni

    “Villiers Park has been one of the best experiences of my life. It has improved a huge variety of my skills and allowed me, and many others, to achieve our dreams of studying the subjects we are passionate about at top universities and kick start our careers. Without the Trust this would not be possible. Without the Trust some Scholars wouldn't have even thought about university let alone attended one”.

  • Inspiring Excellence Programme Alumna – Molly

    9 Aug 2016 | Alumni

    Molly attended our Inspiring Excellence Programme Law course before gaining a place to study the subject at the University of Oxford. During her first year at university Molly decided to get in touch with a Career Mentor through Shaping Your Future. With the support of her mentor - Rami, an Associate at Freshfields Brukhaus Deringer, Molly achieved a place on a Vacation Scheme at the firm.

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