Villiers Park INVOLVE

“Being shown new research by key people in the field made learning really engaging and I loved every second of my experience.”

Lauren Hilton, student

Villiers Park INVOLVE has been designed to enhance everyday classroom learning through extending some of the benefits of participation in a course to fellow students

This page provides ideas on how to maximise the impact of what happens at Villiers Park in your school or college by using what your student has learnt during their Inspiring Excellence course

You can help by:

  • Talking to your student about his or her Inspiring Excellence course and asking what they learnt both academically and personally
  • Looking at the course programme (we can provide a copy if required) to identify links to your subject
  • Identifying audiences your student can talk to about the course:
    • Their class?
    • Another class, maybe of younger students?
    • All students studying the A-level?
    • As a speaker for a club or society?
    • A department or other staff meeting?
    • A sixth form assembly?
    • A wider audience via a poster, newsletter, website, blog, intranet?
  • Using your students as a resource to add to your lessons, e.g.
    • Starters
    • Presentations
    • Mini-lessons
    • Displays
    • Being an expert

Your student can help you by:

  • Talking to you and his or her classmates about the course and what they learnt
  • Looking for links between what he or she has done at Villiers Park and all the subjects he or she is studying
  • Feeding back to one or more audiences about the course
  • With your help, using what he or she did at Villiers Park to lead learning in lessons
  • Looking for opportunities to inspire a passion for the subject among younger students
  • Involvement in departmental discussions as part of Student Voice

“Villiers Park gave me an educational experience of a type I had never before experienced. To be treated as an adult, to take responsibility for learning, to have a tutor who facilitated learning and made me question things rather than a teacher who told me what the answer was, made a huge impact on me.”

Iwan Griffiths, student

How Villiers Park can help you to adopt these ideas and more generally help to develop teaching and learning in your school or college

  • Are you using our 210 free A-level online extension activities to help stretch and challenge your most able students?
  • Is your school or college using our Advisory Service? We have worked with over 100 schools and colleges across the country to develop their teaching and learning.
  • Have you suggested to other teachers that they nominate students for Inspiring Excellence courses?
  • Would you be interested in one of our subject specialist tutors leading a workshop in your school or college?

Please tell us how your students have used what they learnt on their Inspiring Excellence Programme course to inspire a greater passion for learning in your school or college.  Please include ‘Villiers Park INVOLVE’ in the subject line when emailing


For further information please download a copy of the Villiers Park INVOLVE flyer, complete a contact form or call 01223 872601.