Our People

Our team of education experts have a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise gained from working within the education sector for many years.  They thrive on developing ground breaking new programmes to address social mobility and fair access and are keen to spread their ideas about how to change young lives.  They are available as conference speakers and consultants.

In addition to our own education team around 100 tutors and speakers support our residentials, masterclasses and workshops.

  • Caroline Baker – Acting Chief Executive, and Director of Development and Communications

Education Team:

Development & Communication Teams:

Centre Team:

  • Christine Hall – Finance Director
  • Michelle Ashwell – HR Manager
  • David Broadhead – Facilities Manager
  • Amy Campbell – Scholars Programme & Office Coordinator
  • Marianne Gluhosky – Finance Assistant
  • Bob Hayward – Facilities Assistant
  • Sarah Lock – Office Administrator
  • Charlie McPartland – Catering Manager (Catering Team: Gemma Dowling, Lol Buckley, Mary Smith, Agnes Toth-Valdmann)
  • Gemma Perry – Data Manager
  • Sophie Swan – Administration Assistant

Scholars Programme Team:


  • Polly Wallace-Kruger – Scholars Programme Manager (University of Sussex)
  • Jack Rowland – Learning Mentor (University of Sussex)
  • Maddie Taylor – Learning Mentor (University of Sussex)
  • Dan Wise – Learning Mentor (University of Sussex)

East Lancashire:

  • Eleanor Dove – Scholars Programme Manager (Lancaster University)
  • Katriona Anderson-Budenberg – Learning Mentor (Lancaster University)
  • Chris Lyon – Learning Mentor (Lancaster University)
  • Sarah Riding – Learning Mentor (Lancaster University)

Fantastic Futures (Swindon):

  • Julie Kiddier – Fantastic Futures Programme Manager
  • Ryan Gilks – Higher Education Champion
  • Charlotte Fielder – Higher Education Champion

Hastings & Bexhill:

  • Alex Grant – Scholars Programme Manager
  • Lauren Phippin – Learning Mentor
  • Carol Prior – Learning Mentor
  • Musetta Ripamonti – Learning Mentor


  • Laura Anderson – Scholars Programme Manager (University of East Anglia)
  • Rebecca Foster – Learning Mentor (University of East Anglia)
  • Zoe Mitchell – Learning Mentor (University of East Anglia)
  • Lucy Reynolds-McKay – Learning Mentor (University of East Anglia)
  • Carrie Tooke – Learning Mentor (University of East Anglia)


  • Rebecca Martin – Scholars Programme Manager
  • Karen Kingston – Learning Mentor
  • Julie Penn – Learning Mentor

Tyneside STEM:

  • Katrina Moffat – Scholars Programme Manager
  • Chica Coulson – Learning Mentor
  • Jackie Cross – Learning Mentor
  • Saima Sahir – Learning Mentor