Norfolk Scholar – Skye

Published: 26 Jun 2018 | Scholar

Norfolk Scholar Skye has been doing something incredible in her school for the past two years, offering a support service for LGBTQ students as part of her Villiers Park INVOLVE project.

Setting up a Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) in her school, City of Norwich School, was an important commitment for Skye, who recognised the need to offer support to her fellow students.

Upon joining the Scholars Programme in Year 12, Skye had already begun setting the GSA up in her school, however was eager to turn this into a Villiers Park INVOLVE project when her Learning Mentor recommended she gain some recognition for her efforts.

Now in Year 13, Skye looks back on how running an INVOLVE project has been a truly valuable experience for her.

“Overall, I feel more confident and sure of myself. I now feel like I can take a leadership role, as I did when setting up the GSA in my school, an INVOLVE project which aims to give LGBTQ students support and a voice. I am also more active in my participation in other projects like volunteering and youth council,” she said.

As part of the project, Skye and the GSA members acted as welfare officers for their fellow students, offering drop-in support sessions during lunchtimes for any who wished to come. Alongside this, the group was also very active in organising charity drives and fundraisers for various LGBTQ charities, to help even more people outside of their school.

“I have truly seen Skye blossom on the programme from an already very adept student, to someone who now uses her intelligence and naturally approachable personality to help others and improve her school,” said Rebecca, Skye’s Learning Mentor.

Skye’s fantastic efforts both in INVOLVE and her time as a Scholar soon led to her winning the Mike Baker Scholar of the Year award in 2017, which is awarded annually to an exceptional student from each year group.

After running the project for almost two years, Skye now hopes the GSA will be taken up by other students after her, and remain a source of support in her school for future years. As for her own plans, she now hopes to continue her studies at university, where she will be the first in her family to do so.

“I plan to go to a specialised university to become a qualified chiropractor. I would like to eventually have my own clinic and work internationally.”

Skye’s efforts in INVOLVE have not only improved her own skills and confidence, but helped many others in the process. She has acted as a great role model to her fellow students, and to all our students taking on an INVOLVE project.