Swindon Scholar – Shain

Published: 9 Mar 2018

Shain is one of our Year 13 Swindon Scholars, who joined the Scholars Programme in Year 11. Three years on, he now holds offers to study Law at university from all five of his choices, including Oxford University. We asked Shain to look back on his time as a Scholar, and see how it helped motivate him to raise his goals.

Before joining the programme, Shain tells us how he was a good student, but felt he was lacking in direction, “I got good grades, but I was massively disorganised and had no real aspirations. I was a quiet kid with good attendance, but I never really ‘liked’ school when I was younger.”

When he first joined the programme back in 2015, Shain found it offered a great source of motivation, helping him to develop his aspirations and push himself to achieve, “I used to doubt my capabilities a lot, but the Scholars Programme has really helped me to be proactive and to take advantage of more opportunities in my life. As a student I am now a lot more organised and focused compared to before. I feel like I’m actually working towards something instead of just working for the sake of it.”

“Without Villiers Park I feel my own self-doubt would have limited me.”

Having taken part in our Law residential course during Year 12, Shain went on to continue his pursuit of this subject, applying to study Law at university. With five confirmed offers all from top universities, Shain highlights how his time as a Scholar encouraged him to aim higher, “My plans would have been similar, but I would have applied to universities lower down in the rankings.”

With the exciting prospect of university ahead, Shain tells us how this is quite a new experience for his family, “My parents never went to university. They came to England around 20 years ago, not knowing how to speak English. My mum does people’s eyebrows for a living and my dad is a cook.”

Looking to the future, Shain now hopes to pursue a career in law after graduating, and regularly blogs about current legal affairs in his spare time. Alongside this, he is also an avid writer of fiction, and has written a dozen flash fictions online as well as his first ‘novella’ which he is hoping to release soon.

With exciting new prospects ahead and a determination to succeed, Shain has a final remark after his experiences with Villiers Park so far, “Social mobility is not just limited by someone’s socioeconomic conditions, but also their mindset. Villiers Park helps young people like me break out of the mental cage that they were placed in because of their postcodes”.

We wish Shain every luck with his A-levels and future career. Thank you to our partner Trinity College Cambridge for supporting students like Shain on the Swindon Scholars Programme.