• Annual Programme 2018/19

    9 Sep 2018

    View the full list of Inspiring Excellence courses for 2018/19.

  • Approaches to English Literature: Texts and Theory

    13 Dec 2018 | Inspiring Excellence

    Study selected works by British and American writers and poets which will not only develop your critical and analytical skills but also provide an insight into aspects of English and American history and culture.

  • Biology: Ecology and Evolution

    3 Jun 2019 | Inspiring Excellence

    Consider how organisms interact with one another and their physical environment. Topics may include Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Molecular Ecology, Behavioural Ecology and Population Genetics.

  • Chemistry: Environmental Chemistry

    11 Feb 2019 | Inspiring Excellence

    Explore the chemical systems and processes that occur in our environment and what impact they have on our everyday lives.

  • Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics to Biocatalysts

    8 Dec 2018 | Inspiring Excellence

    Why do chemical reactions happen? Go beyond the A-level syllabus to explore the ways in which different aspects of chemistry are interrelated.

  • Computer Science

    8 Apr 2019 | Inspiring Excellence

    An introduction to fundamental theories of computer science and current developments in the field. Develop your practical skills such as programming.

  • Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice

    1 Apr 2019 | Inspiring Excellence

    Perfect for people who love writing in all manner of genres. You will be introduced to a range of strategies to help you develop your skills and confidence as a writer whether you are interested in poetry, fiction, non-fiction, script writing or journalism.

  • Economics

    28 Jan 2019 | Inspiring Excellence

    Knowledge of Economics is indispensable to those interested in current affairs and the effect that decisions made by individuals, businesses and government have on income, wealth and well-being. This course will introduce you to Economic theories and models to develop your understanding.

  • Engineering

    14 Jan 2019 | Inspiring Excellence

    Are you a problem solver? Do you want to have a career which involves solving scientific and practical problems which affect all aspects of our lives; underpin economic activity and quality of life? This is your introduction to engineering and the diverse skills that underpin modern practice in this area.

  • English Literature: Exploring Shakespeare

    1 Jul 2019 | Inspiring Excellence

    Explore the historical context of a selection of Shakespeare’s works and develop an understanding of how his ‘stories’ transcend time and culture.

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