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The invisible impact of Covid-19

Right now, young people are facing the biggest challenge to their education that any of us will ever likely face.

The shutting down of schools has left disadvantaged young people particularly vulnerable, and it is essential that we do not allow them to fall through the cracks. With your help, we can support them through this difficult time. 


In our everyday lives, the appalling rate for social mobility in the UK means that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds struggle to reach the same opportunities as their more advantaged classmates.

The coronavirus has wildly exacerbated this issue. Schools are closed, and limited access to electronic devices, smaller shared living space, extra caring responsibilities and the stress of reduced income are just some of the issues that the young people we work with are now facing. These pose a real threat to their being able to continue with their education and personal development.

Twice as many students from independent schools are attending online classes everyday than their state educated peers. There is a real risk of inequality widening even further, and young people with the potential to achieve so much will get left behind.

We're working to make a difference

We are continuing to work with our young people and supporting them in their development.

From virtual one to one support, to group mentoring, to supporting students to create educational projects of their own, we are making sure we address all the issues and concerns they are facing, in particular those that have arisen in light of recent events. 

We need to extend this support into the summer holidays as well, to help our students catch up, and feel more confident going back to school, in whatever form that may be.

We urgently need funds to continue to support our students now, and throughout the coming months. 

Anything you are able to give would go such a long way to helping us help young people. 

Your donation has the potential to make a real difference to a young person's life, and support them through one of the most difficult periods any of us will ever face. 

Please give if you can. Together, we will get through this. 


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Milly Wright - Development Officer
If you have any questions about our response to working through the impacts of the coronavirus, Milly will be able to help you. 

Contact Milly

07925 397821
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