Exploring Engineering

And online facilitated course for A-level students, funded by the Reece Foundation

Course topics include:

  • Vehicle Dynamics: What makes Verstappen’s F1 car so much faster than your granny’s minivan? In this lecture we will look at some of the key concepts surrounding vehicle dynamics, considering both straight-line performance and handling.
  • Modelling the highest bungee dunk: Simon Berry holds the world record for the highest biscuit dunk into a cup of tea, bungee jumping from an extraordinary height of 73.41 meters. This problem can be modelled using methods often used in the aerospace, automotive and sport sectors. In this lecture, you will use an online programme (octave) to model Berry’s jump, using Euler’s method to explore the forces, trajectory, and speeds involved in the world record. This course specifically is geared toward those who have never coded as well as more experienced programmers.
  • Engineering design: Generating innovative solutions to difficult to solve problems is key to the engineering process. In this interactive session, we will explore different methods of breaking down seemingly complex problems and look at different ways of generating solutions and evaluating concepts. Highly recommended to those studying Design Technology A-Level or those wanting to pursue product design/engineering career.

Dates and times

Tuesday 2 to Thursday 4 November 2021

4 pm to 6.30 pm


Online via Zoom


Dan Bowen is studying for a PhD at the University of Bath, where he completed a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Dan’s research focuses on the development of new, autonomous, flexible metal forming machinery and has been involved in both many outreach projects at Villiers Park.

Course objectives

This course sets out to inspire and challenge you in a non-competitive environment, mixing with like- minded students from across the UK and tutored by two subject experts. Participation can be acknowledged under Preparation for HE on your UCAS application form. Students need to be studying both Mathematics and Physics.

  • To introduce students to the diverse skills that underpin modern Engineering practice
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop their research and independent study skills


The course will be delivered online using a variety of methods, including lectures, student presentations, self- directed learning and class discussions. There will be some preparatory work.



Fee notes

This course is free for students on our Future Leaders Programme and for students from other schools who meet our disadvantage criteria. In light of Covid, our disadvantage criteria is wider to include students who have experienced disrupted education. We will not ask for proof on this occasion.

Closing date for applications

Monday 25 October 2021

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