Humanities: Geography and History

An exciting opportunity for A-level students to study Geography or History at university level on this brand new course at Villiers Park, led by expert tutors.
Course objectives:
  • To introduce students to the diverse approaches to studying Geography on university courses 
  • To develop a critical perspective on geographical processes and methodologies 
  • To enhance confidence in communication skills
  • To explore multiple and contested historical narratives 
  • To study the ways in which history is recorded and handed down 
  • To critically examine the authenticity and reliability of primary sources as evidence of historical fact 
Course dates
3 - 7 February 2020
Course format
  • Students will be required to choose between Geography or History
  • Seminars will consist of tutor-led discussions, involving source material and electronic resources   
  • Students will be required to fully participate during seminars and work in small groups to share ideas and consider at greater length the issues that arise. 
Sarah Brown is in the 3rd year of her PhD at the University of Manchester. The focus of her research is to assess the effect of diurnal and seasonal cycles on carbon budgets in order to better predict changes occurring on peatlands which are the largest terrestrial carbon reserve in the UK . 
With thanks to our supporters, the costs of our courses are subsidized. The price of £325 includes accommodation, tutoring, trips and all meals. 

Students at fee paying schools will need to pay the full cost of £739.
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