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Young people without a family tradition of higher education are often at a substantial disadvantage when it comes to applying to leading universities. As a result, a great deal of academic talent goes to waste, a tragedy both for the young people themselves and for the economic and social well-being of the nation.  Villiers Park aims to change this situation for young people around the UK.

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Just 23% of state school students compared to 65% of all independently schooled students progress to the most selective universities.

The Villiers Park Scholars Programme is tackling this inequality by supporting able students from less advantaged backgrounds to compete on equal terms with their wealthier peers.  The Scholars Programme is a four year pathway to help students from lower income backgrounds reach their full potential and gain access to leading universities.

The results of our Scholars Programme are comparable to those achieved by any independent school in the UK.  In 2017/18:

  • 61% of A-level grades were A*-B
  • 82% gained a university place or started a foundation year (with 37% going to a leading university).

We help our Scholars reach their full academic potential; raise their self-esteem, motivation and aspiration and develop their study and life skills to both access and thrive at university and beyond.

“I honestly haven’t seen or heard of anything better than Villiers Park, which can work you towards university and give you the motivation, skills and confidence to go further and beyond what you ever thought you could. 

Jordan Jones is a Swindon Scholar Alumus, now studying Civil and Coastal Engineering at University of Plymouth.

How you can help

You can help us change the lives of hundreds more young people across the UK by becoming a Friend of Villiers Park for as little as £5 per month.

 You can become a Friend of Villiers Park by:

Setting up a regular direct debit (minimum £5 per month)

  • £5 per month – would pay for a student to travel to one of our five-day subject-specific residential courses
  • £10 per month – would pay for 10 Learning Mentor sessions
  • £25 per month – would pay for two students to attend a two-day academic course
  • Platinum Friend – £125 per month will sponsor a place on the Scholars Programme for a whole year

“Being a Scholar has changed my life. Although it may sound cliche, that is a fact. I’ve had so many opportunities that have had a large impact on my life and who I am as a person – and I’ve managed to work on the biggest thing for me, which is my confidence. It has been one of the most, if not THE most useful experiences of my life so far.”

Ethan Baker is on the Norfolk Scholars Programme.

As a Friend of Villiers Park your donation will go directly towards supporting young people across the country. Sign up to our monthly e-newsletter to hear how the Scholars Programme is progressing, including news items on the Scholars’ personal triumphs throughout the year and other news about our work at Villiers Park Educational Trust.

By contributing to the Scholars Programme you are helping the next generation of less advantaged students reach their full potential, making a huge impact on individuals and improving social mobility across the UK.

To sign up as a Friend of Villiers Park please visit our donations page or complete this form and return it to Villiers Park Educational Trust, Royston Road, Foxton, CB22 6SE.

If you have any questions please call 01223 872601 and ask for the Development Team.

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Thank you to all our Friends for your support.