Training the Engineers of the future will ensure a strong UK recovery

25 February 2014

IEP - Image - 2014 - Engineering - SYF - AVEVA - group workProfessor John Perkins, chief scientific adviser at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has identified “a substantial demand for engineers.” His “call to action” has been answered by Villiers Park Educational Trust who are inspiring the next generation of Engineers through their transformational five-day residential course.

AVEVA is famous for its engineering, design and information management software used to create some of the world’s most complex process plants, power plants and ships. Being at the forefront of design, AVEVA hosted a session on ‘Shaping Your Future’ for young people interested in engineering as part of Villiers Park Educational Trust’s five day Inspiring Excellence Engineering course. These subject-specific residential courses are recognised by UCAS as a key entry enabler to leading UK universities.

The ‘Shaping Your Future’ initiative has been introduced to the transformational courses to provide the young people with an introduction to the world of work, help them develop key employability skills and to start them thinking about how they might apply their education to employment opportunities. The Shaping Your Future sessions also offer the companies the opportunity to highlight what they have to offer as an employer and provide the students with key contacts and help to prepare for their future careers. One student described their experience of visiting AVEVA as “exactly the right place to be looking at.  It was cutting edge and offered genuine insight into engineering as a profession”.

The students were given the task of researching, designing and presenting their ideas for an improved touch interface for 3D viewing. But first AVEVA gave a background talk on the company as well as an explanation of the process of designing the software and the Tablet App. The visit provided the students with a rare insight into the corporate world and the types of challenges companies like AVEVA face today. The students found that “AVEVA was an excellent place to learn about innovation and what engineering is like in the workplace”.

Paula Parker the Group Learning and Development Manager at AVEVA agreed that “Engineering is a highly creative and exciting profession that more young students should consider and we hope to encourage them to aspire to further their education in areas relevant to engineering and software.”

Every one of the students rated the course as good or excellent, demonstrating that Villiers Park Educational Trust is enthusing this group of future Engineers, improving their chances of gaining a place at a leading university and achieving a career in Engineering.