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  • My A-level Results Day

    22 Aug 2018

    In this blog piece, Programme Manager Katrina Moffat from Tyneside describes her experience during results day, and how important it is to offer support to her Scholars at this final hurdle.

  • Inspire2INVOLVE students take part in Medicinal Chemistry course

    22 Jun 2018

    Oliver, Aisha, Billie Jo and Mohammed, Inspire2INVOLVE students on our Medicinal Chemistry course. This week we were delighted to see two of our Inspire2INVOLVE students, Oliver and Francesca, featured in their school’s magazine for their incredible efforts in running an INVOLVE project to support Year 9 students in revision. We were even more excited when […]

  • Women who inspired our staff

    8 Mar 2018

    For international women’s day 2018, we asked some of our Villiers Park staff about the women who inspired them.       Sherry Coutu CBE, Melissa Di Donato, Dr Selina Wray “I am inspired by the female leaders that I come across and work with in my career – from drivers for change such as […]

  • Social mobility in the news.

    15 Feb 2018

    Social mobility is frequently in the news, with still greater coverage over recent weeks following the BBC production of Generation Gifted. This programme will be tracking the progress made by a group of six students defined as ‘gifted’ from families defined as ‘disadvantaged’. By coincidence, Liam, one of those featured, is a participant on our […]

  • What’s next for Generation Gifted’s Liam?

    15 Feb 2018

    On last night’s (15 February) episode of Generation Gifted, we met Liam. The science-whizz from Newcastle is one of six school pupils being tracked from Year 9 to GCSE for the documentary and he bowled the audience over with his brightness, compassion and drive. The unique documentary by Blast! Films tells the story of these […]

  • How to make the most of an internship

    12 Jan 2018

    Internships are an important first step for the modern graduate setting out on their careers. In this post, Jack Jakins suggests some great ways to the make the most of your internship.

  • Corporate Collaboration: How companies can help support social mobility

    19 Dec 2017

    Low social mobility continues to be a pressing issue in the UK. Thousands of young people from less advantaged backgrounds struggle to break into high-earning careers, which are monopolised by their more advantaged peers. Education support and soft skills development can change this in the long term, which is what Villiers Park achieves through our […]

  • To Degree or Not To Degree?

    9 Oct 2017

    Jack Jakins, recent graduate and Intern at Villiers Park Educational Trust, considers the benefits of different routes into the professions. ‘To Degree or Not To Degree?’, that is his question.

  • What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting University

    7 Sep 2017

    Based on his own, recent, experiences Jack Jakins provides useful tips on what he wished he’d known about university life and study before he started his degree that students, alumni and parents will find useful

  • It’s morally wrong to impose class expectations on university access

    11 Apr 2017

    In this post Julia Shervington asks why we, as a society, accept that students from the most affluent homes are almost 2.5 times more likely to go to university than those from the poorest. An abbreviated version of this post recently appeared in the Telegraph Opinion section.

  • Contextual Information alone will not improve Social Mobility

    7 Feb 2017

    In this post Julia Shervington looks at the hotly debated topic of ‘How to improve social mobility in the UK’. It examines recent initiatives, as well as evidence from the work of Villiers Park Educational Trust, and concludes that the use of contextual information alone will not overcome the obstacles to success.

  • Choosing Subjects at A-level

    8 Nov 2016

    In this post Jo provides advice for Year 11 students as they consider the next stage of their education journey – sixth form and A-levels

  • Educational Excellence: A History

    13 May 2016

    In this blog you can follow our journey to becoming a leading advocate for improved social mobility and how we have delivered our mission to provide students with a challenging and inspirational education.

  • How to be an Introvert at University

    21 Apr 2016

    Are you an introvert? If so, this post will be of interest as it provides valuable information, advice, guidance and reassurance on how to thrive at university.

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