Interview and Ethics workshop puts aspiring medics through their paces

Published: 10 Apr 2018

On Tuesday 27th March, the Villiers Park Swindon Medicine Society held its second workshop of the year. I’ve run the Medicine Society for the last five years, for Scholars who are interested in pursuing a medical, dental or veterinary career. We hold workshops on a range of themes, welcome key speakers and visit medicine specific university events.

Fourteen Scholars and non-Scholars from Year 12 attended this workshop, which was titled ‘Interview and Ethics’ and focussed on helping our Scholars develop key skills and understanding that will help them on their journey to Medical School.

Assisted by two Year 13 Scholars who successfully experienced Medical School interviews earlier in the year, we gave the Scholars the opportunity to practice their interview techniques in a variety of mock interview scenarios. The Scholars gave articulate and balanced answers to questions which included ‘What is the most important skill a doctor needs to have?’ and ‘How would you manage the stress of being a Medical Student?’.

Following this, we held a group seminar to discuss current NHS issues in the news, ranging from the Junior Doctor strike to the debates around Privatisation of the NHS. Supported by the Learning Mentors, our Scholars were put through their paces as they learnt to discuss challenging topics that they may be asked to talk about in an interview.

The workshop then moved on to an Ethical Debate, where Scholars had to argue for and against who should be a priority to receive a liver transplant. The Scholars impressed staff with the depth of their answers and their maturity when debating a challenging subject.

Overall, it was an excellent workshop, which saw all of our aspiring medical students gain confidence and techniques that would equip them to excel in a university interview.

By Rebecca Martin, Swindon Scholar Programme Manager.