Revision tips for home-schooled peers

Two Fantastic Futures students spotted an opportunity to support a lesser known group of students at their school for an INVOLVE project.
New College Swindon
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Nayan and Lillie from New College in Swindon were on our Fantastic Futures programme. They aimed their INVOLVE project at 'pre-16s'  mainly home schooled students who attended their college in the lead up to their GCSEs.

"Being close to exam time, we thought it would befitting for us to pass on helpful tricks that would benefit them," explained Nayan. Their GCSE revision session was launched.

Nayan, Lillie and their group worked on a presentation,choosing topics to specialise in such as how to use technology and understanding your learning type, and organised advertising.

Over 30 students came to the 45 minute session.

"The project was smooth and successful and it was great to hear from students at the end of the presentation, and their tutors, who were thrilled," said Lillie.

"I think because we ourselves went through the hardships of GCSEs only a year ago, it made our information more valuable to them," added Nayan. 

New College are keeping the presentation as are source for future year groups.

"It's fantastic that our work is being regarded highly," said Lillie. "We gained several skills such as leadership, organisation and time management, and the fact that the outcome has been recognised is a great achievement." 
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