Scholar Marketing Society brainstorm new brand

Published: 31 Jul 2018

A group of three Swindon Scholars and two other students from The Commonweal School Sixth Form and Lydiard Park Academy Sixth Form recently combined forces to set up a Marketing Society in Swindon, in association with our partner and global media agency, Havas.

The five Year 12 students met weekly to share their ideas to create and develop a brand. Inspired by a societal move away from gender stereotyping and classifications, the team saw a gap in the fashion market for a designer unisex brand. After careful thought and planning, the team created the new unisex clothing brand called ‘N.E.’, which stands for ‘neither/either’.

The niche clothing company featured a simple clown fish logo (clown fish are non-gender) behind the letters N.E.:

As part of the project, the team also planned how they would market their brand. Their plans featured the use of Instagram with celebrity endorsements, Snapchat and YouTube ads and magazine features. They also planned to sponsor relevant LGBTQ movements and university fresher weeks.

To showcase their new brand, the students then prepared a pitch to deliver via video chat to a panel of experts. The students faced a number of challenging questions from the panel, who provided them with some helpful feedback on where they could improve. Overall however, they still managed to deliver a professional and clear presentation, impressing the panel with their ideas.

When asked how he found the project, one Scholar said:

“I have found the HAVAS project extremely enjoyable and beneficial towards establishing a connection between myself and the marketing industry,” says one of the Scholars involved.

“This is great to put on my CV and set me apart from competitors when I’m applying for Marketing/Fashion Marketing courses at university.”


Written by Rebecca Martin, Swindon Scholars Programme Manager.