Villiers Park Educational Trust’s commemoration of the First World War through extracts from the Old Etonian’s and Eton Manor’s CHIN-WAG Newsletter

Published: 13 May 2015

In the following months we will be uploading extracts from the Chin-Wag newsletter to commemorate the First World War. As you can imagine, the Old Etonians and the Eton Manor Old Boys were keen to join up and support the war effort. They wrote letters back to the Club, many of which were published in Chin-Wag.

We have a long history, with our origins in the Eton Manor Boys’ Club in the East End of London more than one hundred years ago. Our founding Old Etonians worked very hard to help the teenage boys and men of Hackney Wick discover their true abilities and make the most of themselves. It was the active involvement of the Old Etonians as role models and managers of the Clubs that helped to develop the wonderful spirit of camaraderie amongst all its members – men and boys. Nowhere is this more evident than in the pages of the monthly “Chin-Wag” newsletters produced from March 1913 right through to 1967, the newsletters are available for everyone to read in our archives at the Bishopsgate Institute in London and globally on the Institute’s online archive.  The newsletters are full of amusing stories, poems, cartoons and letters from across the Empire, as well as stories about the boys’ sporting achievements, which are all thoroughly evocative of a lost world.

So, as the country marks the centenary of the First World War we felt it appropriate to share a few stories with you, month by month, from July 1914 to 1918 and commemorate the men that fought in the war and served their country.

Read the extracts here: 


September 1914October 1914November 1914December 1914Christmas 1914


January 1915February 1915March 1915April 1915May 1915June 1915July 1915August 1915September 1915October 1915November 1915December 1915


January 1916February 1916March 1916April 1916May 1916June 1916July 1916August 1916September 1916October 1916November 1916December 1916



January 1917February 1917March 1917April 1917May 1917June 1917July 1917August 1917September 1917October 1917November 1917

For more information on how nations, communities and individuals across the world are coming together to mark, commemorate and remember the lives of those who lived, fought and died in the First World War please visit the First World War Centenary website.