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Our team of education experts have developed free online extension activities to inspire and challenge students inside and outside the classroom.

Fascinating and challenging web-based extension activities for A-level students

Our highly valued resources have been used by tens of thousands of students who seek challenge beyond the A-level specification. A survey of our users indicated 100% of students found the resources had enhanced their research skills; 87.5% felt their creative skills had been enriched and 75% that using the resources had developed their use of the internet for academic purposes.

There are 210 activities covering 21 subjects across Arts, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics and Sciences. There is scope for students to use these independently or for teachers to introduce the topics during class time.

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You may also be interested in ‘Hay Levels‘ which are inspiring 3 minute films for A-level students created by Hay Festival of Literature & the Arts Ltd.


KS3 & KS4 Online Activities for Teachers of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

We have developed activities for teachers of MFL to inspire and stretch their students.

“It was so useful to be able to stretch and supplement the linguistic and cultural diet we normally offer students with an up to date and very informative range of Spanish materials which spanned a range of topics from Islamic Spain to the Spanish Civil War and Picasso’s response in his painting Guernica. Students responded very positively to being given the mix of cultural and historical knowledge in English as well as working in Spanish.”

Eileen Mochan, Lydiard Park Academy

There are 5 sets of inspirational and challenging activities and materials in French and Spanish for use with Years 9, 10 & 11.

These resources have been funded by the British Academy who share our concern about the decline in students taking up MFL at school.

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