Our Inspiring Excellence Programme and our Centre

“This has been an absolutely brilliant experience with great, approachable lecturers reinforcing my passion about Environmental Chemistry. The lectures have been accessible and it has formed a bridge between A-level and university. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Environmental Chemistry, 2017

Our model is a simple one. We bring together students from different geographical and social backgrounds who share a strong interest in a particular subject and we develop their passion for that subject.

Our tutors introduce the participants to the latest ideas and research, allowing students to explore challenging topics. Teamwork, research, presentations and creativity are important features of our courses, helping participants to develop key study and employability skills. The Shaping Your Future element of our courses specifically addresses employability skills, providing our participants with the opportunity to reflect on career pathways.

We cover a wide range of subjects, mostly A-level, some related to career choices. There are more than 30 five-day residential courses in our 2018-2019 Programme. Information on our courses is available here.

On each course there are two tutors who are usually post-graduates and experts in their field plus 25 students drawn from schools and colleges across the UK.

Most courses take place during term-time. Teachers are usually delighted to support participation based on the benefits of attending. They are confident that there is a positive impact on A-level attainment for all the subjects the student is taking. Students need to check with their school before applying though – and of course they are expected to catch up on missed work.

The academic, motivational and social benefits of attending are strong, as testified by teachers, university admissions tutors, and most importantly by the students themselves. Specifically our courses set out to:

  • provide an insight into university level material by studying a wide range of exciting topics beyond the A-level specification
  • challenge students to work towards the limit of their ability with a group of like-minded students in a supportive and non-competitive environment
  • experience approaches that encourage active involvement through workshops, group discussions and presentations
  • develop important skills to ensure academic success and employability
  • whenever appropriate, include a Shaping Your Future element to address career opportunities


Courses are held at our purpose built residential centre located at Foxton, near Cambridge.


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