The Benefits of Participating

“It gave me a taste of what moving away to university was like. It also prepared me to be out of my comfort zone, meeting new people and being out of my depth with the level of work required. I’m extremely glad that I did the Villiers Park course and would like to thank everyone involved for their support.”

Sarah, First in MSci (Hons) Natural Science, University of Nottingham

The national recognition of the value of our courses is an important benefit for students – they are listed as a tick box on the UCAS application form under Preparation for HE and reference to an aspect of a course within the personal statement is frequently picked up and made a focus of discussion during a university interview.

Student feedback at the end of their course is extremely positive. With remarkable consistency, each year over 98% of our 750 participants rate the overall quality of their course ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ with over 80% selecting ‘Excellent’. Year on year 90% or more identify an increase in self-confidence, enthusiasm for learning, passion for the subject, motivation and understanding of what university would be like.

Attainment and destination outcomes are equally positive. In Summer 2016:

  • 89% of A-level grades achieved were A* to B
  • 70% of grades were A* to A
  • 87% of students went on to university
  • 76% of students have gained a place at a leading university
  • 100% of alumni due to graduate from university in 2016 did so

Our ongoing student poll indicates that our courses have a long-lasting impact. Out of 750 responses to a survey targeting participants from more than ten years ago, over 95% indicated a positive impact on self-confidence, social skills, passion for the subject, ability to work in a team and, amongst a group who had all gone to university, 16% indicated that it was their best educational experience.

Students come away from an Inspiring Excellence Programme course with enhanced skills and knowledge, self-confidence about being able to thrive amongst people from a range of social backgrounds, and in so many cases, a group of friends for life.


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