What is the Villiers Park Scholars Programme Impact?

“Being on the Scholars Programme has been an amazing experience, it has been challenging but extremely rewarding. I have met some amazing people both Scholars and mentors who have really helped shape me as an individual. This has taught me to always take opportunities that are given to me as they may turn out to be the best thing that could happen to you.”

Rebecca, Year 12, Tyneside

We are making a significant difference in Hastings & Bexhill, Swindon, Bedford & Peterborough, Norfolk, East Lancashire, Tyneside and Crawley where we have been working for up to eight years.  Our Scholars’ grades, their university destinations and their feedback demonstrate that the programme is significantly raising aspirations and attainment. Our Impact Report provides information about the success of these Scholars Programmes.

Our Scholars are being elected by their peers and teachers to positions of responsibility and leadership such as Head Girl/ Head Boy. Their schools are using the programme as evidence of their commitment to stretching their More Able students and of narrowing the gap between socio-economic groups. And Scholar alumni are giving back to the programme by volunteering as E-Mentors at university and becoming ambassadors at events.

The success of our first two Scholars Programmes, in Hastings & Bexhill and Swindon, give us the confidence to rollout the initiative nationwide.