Shaping Your Future

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There is considerable inequality in terms of career opportunities for those from less advantaged backgrounds. They are far less likely to get a job in the professions than their peers even if they have been to the same university and obtained the same degree grade.

“Britain has a deep social mobility problem which is getting worse for an entire generation of young people.” Social Mobility Commission’s State of the Nation 2016 report.

“The odds of those from professional backgrounds ending up in professional jobs are 2.5 times higher than the odds of those from less advantaged backgrounds reaching the professions.” Social Mobility, the Class Pay Gap and Intergenerational Worklessness: New Insights from The Labour Force Survey.

The gap is substantial in certain professions, for instance over half of our top doctors, FTSE 100 chief executives, senior journalists and 70% of High Court judges went to private school (Telegraph, April 2016).  In fact, just 4% of doctors, 6% of barristers and 11% of journalists are from the lowest income backgrounds.

Our Shaping Your Future initiative sets out to tackle this inequality through:

  • introducing our students to career opportunities
  • providing an insight into the employability skills required
  • establishing networking opportunities while at university


Next Steps:

  • If you are new to our Shaping Your Future Programme you can Find Out More about what it involves and who can participate
  • If you are a student/Scholar or one of our alumni you can Find My Career by investigating different professions and what it is like to work in them
  • If you are aged 18 or over, if you are one of our undergraduate or recent graduate alumni, and if you have been through the above steps then you are ready to Request a Career Mentor


We are very grateful for the generous support from the Emma Campbell Trust.