Far too many able young people substantially underachieve, particularly those from less advantaged backgrounds, creating a major block to improving social mobility in the UK. We are a national leader in tackling this problem - our transformational programmes inspire success.

What's going on at Villiers Park?

This week at Villiers Park students will be exploring Forensics. They will increase their understanding of Forensic Science as a discipline and a profession and will learn how biological and chemical methods are used in Forensics.

As the country marks the centenary of the First World War we felt it appropriate to share a few stories with you, month by month, from September 1914 to 1918. Find out what our alumni were doing one hundred years ago by clicking on the 'View all news' button on the right hand side of this page.

News and Views

Seventh Strategic Partnership to Improve Social Mobility in the UK Announced

Villiers Park Educational Trust has today announced a strategic partnership with the University of Sussex to improve social mobility in the UK. Launching this Autumn, the partnership has enabled the development of a seventh programme to help able students from lower income and other under-represented backgrounds reach their full academic potential, gain access to leading universities or other centres of excellence, and thrive once there. This new Scholars Programme will work with students from six local schools and colleges in Crawley.

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