Far too many able young people substantially underachieve, particularly those from less advantaged backgrounds, creating a major block to improving social mobility in the UK. We are a national leader in tackling this problem - our transformational programmes inspire success.

What's going on at Villiers Park?

We have students at our Cambridge Centre this week for a residential course on Drama and Theatre Studies: Aspects of Performance - From Page to Stage, supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

As the country marks the centenary of the First World War we felt it appropriate to share a few stories with you, month by month, from September 1914 to 1918. Find out what our alumni were doing one hundred years ago by clicking on the 'View all news' button on the right hand side of this page.

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Villiers Park Educational Trust Launches Education Blog

We have been developing and running innovative educational programmes with considerable success for over 45 years. We have created an education blog to share our expertise.

Our first blog 'Six things you need to know about Villiers Park Educational Trust' provides a brief insight into who we are and what we do. It also provides readers with an opportunity to sign up to receive notification of our latest post.