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Our Impact

We transform the lives of 1,000 less advantaged young people each year. We broaden horizons, work to remove barriers, increase confidence and boost the students we work with to think far beyond school - to university and their future careers.

We have a long-standing track record of success working with this group of people and our programmes are proven to have significant impact.

Personal and professional skills

Our students take part in a leadership challenge called INVOLVE, which gives them the chance to create, launch and lead an enrichment activity in their school community.
Recognised on UCAS applications, the outcomes of INVOLVE are two-fold: those taking part have valuable information for their CV or interview, plus their peers may be inspired to explore new subjects or careers.  
In 2018-19, students taking part in INVOLVE projects reported:

Improving Academic Attainment

The young people we work with our ambitious. They are keen to become the best they can be. And we help them get there. 

Research shows the attainment gap between GCSE students from a less advantaged backgrounds and their more affluent classmates is widening. Academically, the poorest students will be almost two years behind their peers by the time they finish Year 11. 

We are helping to buck that trend, with excellent GCSE results for 2018-19. 

Ambitious destinations 

Only 23% of all state school students compared to 65% of all independently schooled students progress to the most selective universities.

With our help, our young people not only aim high, but also far and wide. 

Their chosen university courses and apprenticeships were rich and varied, including:

  • Cancer science
  • Aerospace electronic engineering
  • Music
  • Royal Navy
  • Air traffic control apprenticeship
  • Zoology
  • Architecture.

'Young carers have potential, but don't have the chance to shine.'

Mikayla is from Plymouth. Her brother requires round the clock care and she works part time to help support her family. She wants to study neuroscience at university.

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Our Impact
We work with 1,000 young people a year, empowering them to succeed. View our latest stats and learn about the impact of our work. 
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