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Success in exams is important, but we believe that high attainment is a direct result of the development of employability and other key skills and behaviours. That is why we developed our Skills for Success. 
Our Skills for Success underpin every programme and course we run.

What are the Skills for Success?

The 20 Skills for Success were developed with reference to independent industry research and reports and the expertise of our staff across the country. They are behaviours and attributes that give a young person the best chance of attaining their very best during their education and they are skills that will remain with the person throughout their career. 

Behaviours                                                    Personal attributes


How are Skills for Success used at Villiers Park?

Every programme, activity and mentoring session we run focuses on developing these skills, according to each individual's own strengths and areas for development. Scholars will regularly self-evaluate and be aware of their own progression throughout their four years with us. 

Those on shorter courses, such as an Inspiring Excellence course, will be introduced to Skills for Success and will understand how their experience develops and enhances their skills throughout their time with us. 
Our Impact
We work with 1,000 young people a year, empowering them to succeed. View our latest stats and learn about the impact of our work. 
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