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Sustainable Futures

Sustainable Futures is a free careers programme for secondary schools and colleges that equips young people to thrive in a future green economy and make decisions about their future that are good for them and for the planet. 

The world is facing an environmental crisis due to climate change and biodiversity loss, addressing this and achieving net zero will require a diverse and skilled workforce where every job can play a part. Educating our young people on the importance of sustainability in their personal lives and future careers is paramount.

Through our partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) UK and Founders4Schools (F4S), we have created a course for students which focuses on the importance of developing a sustainable approach to careers. The course can be delivered by careers leads and teachers in schools and colleges as part of their careers curriculum and is supported with training and resources.

Learn more about implementing Sustainable Futures in your school or college:

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Training for Educators


Our free, certificated CPD training and resources provides teachers and career leads with the tools and support they need to empower students aged 14-18 to build a sustainable career. It can be delivered as part of your careers provision, within curriculum subjects or as an extra-curricular activity. 

In just a single 90-minute webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Connect programme concepts with students and colleagues.
  • Assess student learning progress.
  • Link businesses and careers to sustainability and environmental issues for students.
  • Integrate sustainable business encounters into career guidance.
  • Communicate to students how to apply sustainability in career mapping.
  • Address climate crisis concerns with care and empower students.
  • Coordinate Sustainable Futures course delivery with existing career guidance activities.


Wednesday 8 May from 4 - 5pm

This session will cover:

  • Context of sustainability and the climate and nature crisis 
  • The future ‘green’ net-zero job market
  • Overview of the Sustainable Futures programme including a look at some of the course resources and ways you can book employer encounters for your students
  • Ways you can embed the Sustainable Futures programme in your school

Register on the WWF website


Sustainable Futures for Students


Our programme can be delivered by teachers, careers leads or facilitators to groups or whole classes of students aged 14-18.

Over four 90-minute sessions, which can be delivered online or face-to-face, your students will:

  • Gain knowledge around the fundamentals of sustainability;
  • Understand the role of business and its relevance to sustainable career pathways; and
  • Reflect on their own skills and values and apply that to their education or career pathway.


Employee encounters and workplace experiences are some of the ways we embed the course concepts for students. Through our partnership with Founders4schools, you can invite business role models and sustainability champions to speak with your group. They might highlight how sustainability is integral to their work, or how their company is changing its practices to become more sustainable.


Online, 5 to 6.30 pm on:

  • Session 1: 25 January 2024
  • Session 2: 29 January 2024
  • Session 3: 31 January 2024


World-class partners


The Sustainable Futures programme, developed with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) UK and Founders4Schools (F4S), and funded by the Evolution Education Trust (EET) aims to prepare young people for a green economy.

We aim to integrate sustainability into national secondary and FE careers education. The Evolution Education Trust is a longtime supporter of Villiers Park, strengthening our partnership through Sustainable Futures. The programme is being independently evaluated by the University of Derby, with an evidence base that includes qualitative insights from participants and schools. 

Learn more about WWF

Praise for Sustainable Futures

From students

"I have learned all about Sustainability, something I walked in knowing nothing about. We covered all corners of the subject and I walked out heavily informed on how to sustain the world for future generations."

"I’ve always wanted to go further into sustainability so it’s only fuelled my enthusiasm."

"I have learnt a lot about the negative impact we make on the planet and ways we can address this. Also I have become more mindful of my own footprint and how I could pass this message onto others."

From teachers

"I really love everything you've put together. It's a massive gap in the curriculum at the moment. It looks like its going to be really easy for teachers to use, because I think a lot of staff are quite nervous about having some of these discussions and not knowing all the answers. Whereas you've got a nice journey through something that seems to be well balanced."

A Visit to JLL in Norwich 

In November 2023, 20 Year 10 students from one of our partner schools in Norwich visited JLL to learn about sustainability and sustainable careers in property and real estate.

We started the day exploring JLL's innovative new office building and learnt how they are focusing on sustainability and culture in their workplace. The students were surprised by how inclusive and dynamic the office felt. From the games room and library to the dimmed well-being room, the office felt like a lot more than just a workspace. We also got to hear from some inspiring apprentices who shared their diverse career journeys.

In the afternoon we got creative with students designing their own 'offices of the future' where they sought to maximise efficiency and prioritise wellbeing using what they'd learnt in the morning!

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