What We Do

Villiers Park Educational Trust helps students with high academic ability raise their aspirations and improve their attainment through:

  • Scholars Programme: a comprehensive pathway to empower students with high academic ability from low income backgrounds to reach their full potential
  • Inspiring Excellence Programme: challenging, transformational residential courses and online provision for bright young people from across the UK which develop their passion for learning and provide an insight into the knowledge and skills needed to become an expert in a particular field
  • Villiers Park INVOLVE: enhancing the school experience by empowering our students to enrich the learning community in their schools and colleges
  • Shaping Your Future: using our network of supporting organisations and professional alumni to provide career guidance to recent alumni
  • Advisory Service: helping schools and colleges to reflect on their current practice and develop it so all students, including the most academically able, are stretched and challenged
  • Advocacy: influencing politicians and other stakeholders to reflect on what works to bring about an improvement in social mobility through education


How we know we make a difference