Exploring Higher Education: practical learning, myth-busting and courtroom drama

A Day with our Year 10 Future Leaders from Swindon at the University of Gloucestershire 
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Last Wednesday, 35 Future Leaders from Swindon got the chance to visit the University of Gloucestershire. The trip was a great opportunity for students to gain insights into university life and the unique opportunities that higher education offers. 

We kicked off the day with a tour of the university's facilities, led by Student Ambassadors who gave our Future Leaders the inside scoop on the dynamic and vocational approach to learning at the university. From state-of-the-art sports equipment to a courtroom for law students, the campus felt like a place where learning hands-on is embraced.  

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Next, we moved on to a university ‘Myth Busting’ session where Future Leaders explored the realities of university life. Led by university staff, students confronted common misconceptions about higher education, like ‘university is only for the wealthy’ and ‘you need to study a subject you did at A-Level’. We were also put to the test, discerning fact from fiction. Discoveries such as the opportunity to study Popular Music at the University of Gloucestershire and English Literature with Game Design at the University of Liverpool left students stunned!  


In the afternoon we got to immerse ourselves in a real-life courtroom drama in the university’s dedicated courtroom. In this session, we delved into the infamous case of the wreck of the Mignonette ship in 1884. Guided by university staff, Future Leaders dissected the facts of the case, developing arguments for and against the accused. The defence faced a daunting task in justifying Captain Thomas Dudley's actions. Yet with a passionate speech, they succeeded in swaying the student ambassador judge and jury of their teachers to rule in their favour, securing the exoneration of their defendant. The university staff even commented how there were a few budding lawyers in the group. 

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Students responded positively to their experiences of the day. One student voiced, "It was really fun and helped show that university isn't as scary as it seems". Collectively, the students enjoyed the insight day, particularly the courtroom activity, describing it as "fun" and "interactive". 

A huge thank you to the University of Gloucestershire staff and student ambassadors who offered so much insight and enthusiasm. 

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