Future Leaders Gain Unforgettable Insight into the House of Commons

Through the Social Mobility Work Experience Scheme five of our amazing Future Leaders spent the week in Westminster to learn all about the inner workings of UK parliament
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Our Future Leaders had the exclusive opportunity to take a glimpse into what it is like to work at the House of Commons as part of a work experience placement for the fifth year running. They spent the week living and working in London as part of The House of Commons Chamber and Committees Team Social Mobility Work Experience Scheme. 

This scheme aims to provide young people from under-represented backgrounds an opportunity to gain insight into Parliament and explore the range of career options available. By demystifying what working in Parliament is like, the hope is that students may be inspired and see Parliament as an accessible and desirable place to work.

Deborah Richardson, Villiers Park Programmes Director, accompanied students to London:

"It was a fantastic experience for our Future Leaders. This is a brilliant way to observe how our Future Leaders developed their understanding and knowledge of British politics and also their confidence in being able to formulate, articulate and communicate their own political viewpoints"

Abdul, Rida, Abigail, Laila and Clara are all interested in UK politics and were keen to learn more about how decisions are made in parliament. They had a packed schedule including touring some of the many buildings that make up parliament, attending meetings in their departments, networking with students from other organisations and even meeting the Speaker of the House of Commons in his private quarters.  


Clara, a Future Leader from Hastings & Bexhill, said about her experience:  

“I love debating and we do parliamentary-style debating at school so it was amazing to meet the Speaker”  

Effective communication not only enhances academic achievements for young people but also enables students to develop a broader vocabulary and fosters confidence and improved wellbeing.  

It wasn’t all work though! Wanting to give our Future Leaders the full London experience we had a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to experience the Comedy of Errors as many would have in days gone by, with a standing view! We also journeyed over to East London to experience the vibrant culture and food on Brick Lane.  

Some final thoughts from students that took part: 

Would you be interested in a career in Parliament?

“I loved it and would love to come back” 

“Yes, definitely, in Select Committee teams especially and possibly in being an MP. Reason being the importance of the work and having a sense of duty” 

"Yes! Either in the Select Committees or the Engagement and Media Team"

"I really liked the Speaker's Constitutional Advisor role"


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