"Villiers Park has given me the confidence to be myself and the support to follow my dreams.”

Robin's Leadership Challenge project brought together their personal experiences with their love of literature.
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To say that my time with Villiers Park has been a journey would be an understatement. Since joining the programme in Year 12, I’ve changed and grown in so many ways - academically, personally, and socially. Throughout this period, I’ve been supported by Villiers Park in ways I couldn’t imagine. It’s given me amazing opportunities to learn and develop interests and curiosity, and ultimately helped me to become who I am.

The Future Leaders programme has given me a great foundation for my future; it’s allowed me to talk to people in ways I had never been able to do so before. Without Villiers Park I would not have the skills to talk publicly without fear. But I think the biggest thing Villiers Park has given me is the confidence to be myself and the support to follow my dreams.

I have been writing and illustrating since my early teens and have self-published a number of books. I think I always knew I wanted to follow one of these paths academically, and Villiers Park has been nothing but supportive. I was thrilled to get offers from four Russell Group universities, and I started my degree in English Literature at Edinburgh in October 2022.

Being a young trans person can add an extra layer of complexity to growing up. It entails a lot of big choices and can often feel very isolating. Because of Villiers Park’s support, I felt empowered to create a Leadership Challenge project which brings my experiences as a trans person together with my love of books. My poster helps signpost others to diverse and underrepresented identities in literature and film. It's so important for Young LGBTQ+ people to see themselves represented. Our lives and stories are important and deserve to be told. I've also written a book about gender identity which answers some of the questions others may have about what it means to be non-binary, gender-queer or trans.

I’ll definitely keep in touch with Villiers Park. I hope I can use my experiences as a Future Leader to help others in some way. 


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