A Level Results Snapshot 2022

Despite the return of exams this year, it was far from "business as usual" for a cohort whose education has been severely disrupted by Covid. But our Future Leaders' hard work, self-belief and determination has paid off.
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Anyone following our twitter feed on A-Levels results day will have got a flavour of how brilliantly our Future Leaders have done this year. Many achieved the grades they needed to straightforwardly follow their chosen pathway; others benefited from our support in the days and weeks after as they reassessed their options and discovered new opportunities, or new ways to reach the same ones.

Whatever their results, we’re very proud of everyone for making incredible progress over two extremely disrupted years. Despite being the first cohort to sit exams since 2019, many young people felt that this was far from “business as usual”, Covid having widened the gap between disadvantaged students and their more privileged peers. But as we said in our results day blog, the greatest strength of the Future Leaders Programme is the development of self-belief, resilience and tenacity, and they’ve shown those traits in spades.

Here’s a snapshot that shows the breadth of interest and ambition of this cohort of Future Leaders:


  • Molly and Tegan are taking up higher-level apprenticeship places with St James’s Place, a FTSE100 financial services company. Hear Molly talk about her Villiers Park experience at our Swindon Celebration Event last term.
  • Lucy and Millie are off to study Law at Exeter, one of the UK’s leading Law research universities.
  • Robin is going to Edinburgh to read English Literature. We loved their Leadership Challenge project which championed diversity in literature.
  • Kimberly will be studying Marine Biology at Southampton.
  • Dylan is preparing to read Physics at Oxford, having successfully participated in our Early Entry Support Programme.

Hastings & Bexhill

  • Mustafa’s on the road to achieving his political ambitions, having won a place at UCL to study Politics & International Relations - a change from his original plan of doing the Cambridge Foundation Year.
  • Hannah’s dream of going to Cambridge to study Maths has come true! She’s looking forward to taking up her offer at Murray Edwards College. 
  • Samantha is off to Brighton to start her Adult Nursing degree.
  • Jessica’s passion for understanding human development through biology and sociology has paid off! She’ll be starting an Anthropology and Archaeology degree at Southampton soon.
  • Our Mike Baker Award winner, Faheda, is off to study law at Portsmouth.


  • Lewis will soon start his Engineering degree at Newcastle, which followers of our programme will appreciate is a fantastic outcome for both him and our local funder, the Reece Foundation!
  • Hermione was thrilled to have her place on the Genetics course at York confirmed.
  • Daval is looking forward to starting his Business and Finance degree at Hull.

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